The Rise & Fall of Renaissance Cruises

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  1. fernando nunes says:

    Where are my R1 R3 and R4 ?????

  2. Bit of a whitewashed history. Team of auto rental guys enter the cruise business. Gets the French government to bankroll 1.8 billion for 8 ships and end of the day 1.6 billion accounted for.
    The small yachts, different story.. the small ship had little revenue earning space, and a clientele of aged that could barely afford the lowest cost method of cruising or seeing Europe.
    One at this point asks themselves how did they make money.. the didn’t care, most money was earned by having their companies do the work in the shipyard. Add in the gold handshakes, they could care less about per pax daily revenues.
    Everyone with sense and most all onboard realized the days for Renaissance were numbered. I remember Micky Arison coming onboard from his private yacht to have a look around – obviously realized wouldn’t buy this cruise line if you paid him.
    Before 9/11 people joked about what they would take from onboard if they were to get stiffed on pay. If you want to talk ‘true’ 9/11 conspiracy it is this.. they used that as the excuse to close the doors. Happy that I was one of the few that got off (and my poor replacement got stuck) after 9/11 and flew back to Fort Lauderdale and picked up the final paycheck before the stiffing started.

    People can be romantic about the past, anyone paying the daily rate for PAX and Crew that Apollo Chandlers was charging showed how inept folks ‘running’ a cruise line could be. Best damn office taking up multiple floors in downtown Fort Lauderdale..but as most cube dwellers in cruise offices know, the guests don’t pay to visit the offices – its about the ships.

  3. Lee says:

    I served on the R1 (2000-2001) and was on board when the September 11th attacks happened. It was amazing how quickly things deteriorated…within a week or so, the decrease is passengers on our ship and other ships was very obvious. Something was wrong.

    Around the 25th September, we were in Civitavecchia, Italy – an announcement was made to disembark immediately and leave the ship. Within 24 hours, I was back home.

    Rumor has it, the Captain and his crew were arrested by the port police for unpaid fees. Then everything from the ship was placed onto the port dock and sold at auction over the weeks.

    Such a sad and sudden turn of events. As a crew member, the R1 was a beautiful and fun ship – she’ll be missed!

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