STX has a Reason to Smile: TUI Orders New Ships

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  1. Kalle Id says:

    The new ship (sadly I think she will be named simply “Mein Schiff 3”, as boring as that is) will also feature many new green innovations according to the Finnish media and according to soem reports it’s possible she will get an innovation-subsidy from the Finnish state, similarly to the new LNG-powered Viking Line ferry currently under construction at the same shipyard.

    Personally I hope they’ll refine the ship’s exterior somewhat before production begins, currently she looks rather bland on the outside (of course, TUI Cruises trademark hull texts will make the exterior somewhat more exciting).

    • crociereuk says:

      I think it will be interesting to see the green innovations, who knows we could even have an LNG powered cruise ship!

      • Kalle Id says:

        From what I understood from the latest issue of Cruise Business Review, there are special IMO regulations about the placements and accessibility of LNG tanks and at least based on the two renderings above the ship doesn’t seem to be designed with LNG in mind. But then again, who knows how the design will develop?

  1. 03/10/2011

    […] with Celebrity Century starting off the venture, with perhaps a new ship like what has been just ordered at STX Turku. Any Virgin Cruise Line would benefit from Virgin’s international airline system and […]

  2. 21/12/2011

    […] The yard has been under significant pressure during the recession as cruise ship orders have been cut, as well a defense budgets. Leaving the yards with significant overcapacity. STX in Finland is building two cruise ships for TUI Cruises, which we covered here. […]

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