For Sale. One Owner: Gaddafi

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  1. 12/12/2011

    […] – MSC Fenicia, We expect that MSC will agree a deal with STX that will see Gaddafi’s former cruise ship, currently under construction in France will join the MSC Fleet, along with an order for two ships of a different design. We have previously discussed this option in a previous article. […]

  2. 21/12/2011

    […] Gaddafi is unlikely to want his cruise ship back (Covered Here) It is expected that the currently under construction ship will be sold to MSC to become the MSC […]

  3. 18/02/2012

    […] Back in September I commented how the only really suitable buyer would be MSC Cruises, as the ship would be united with its sister ships. We expected the ship to be called MSC Fenicia in our suggestions for 2012, but we are wrong sometimes! […]

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