The Queen of Bermuda

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  1. John says:

    I made only one voyage on the Queen of Bermuda, a free passage paid for by my employers as a Merchant Navy officer going to join another ship in Hamilton in 1959.
    My most striking memory was the excellent food served. I also remember the comfortable way that she coped with a North Atlantic force 8 to 9 storm on the voyage from NYC.
    I was also invited to tour her engine room. By coincidence, years later after ‘swallowing the anchor’ I worked in the steam turbine drawing office of Fraser & Chalmers Ltd. of Erith, who had supplied her main propulsion turbine-generators. I was also sent to oversee works in Vickers ship repair yard in Hebburn on Tyne, originally Palmers shipyard where she was built.

  2. Allan Davidson says:

    The “Queen” was built by Vickers Armstrong, but at Barrow-in-Furness. It was the “Monarch of Bermuda” that was built on the Tyne.

  3. Allan Davidson says:

    Hi: A small correction – the “Monarch of Bermuda” was built by Vickers on the Tyne, But the “Queen” was built by Vickers at Barrow-in-Furness.
    However, we did several refits at Palmers in Hebburn.

  4. Hi, I sailed on the “QUEEN of BERMUDA”, from, 1957-1961, I paid off in “BERMUDA”, a very sad day, as that was the last time I saw HER,
    Thursday the 8th may, I was watching, “AID at Sea”, he was with a Captain of a tug boat, from the Manchester ship canal, who at the age of 5 yrs helped towing the “QUEEN of BERMUDA”, poss “LIVERPOOL” docks, can any shipmates tell me the year?, it has to be 50yrs plus.

    • Allan Davidson says:

      Hi: The “QUEEN OF BERMUDA” drydocked at Cammell Laird’s in Birkenhead after her sea trials in 1933. I have a great post card shot of her in the Mersey with the Liver Building in the background. She also did a refit at Laird’s in 1963, but that was when she had one funnel.

  5. William Harvey says:

    When I was 7, my father moved the family from Baltimore, MD to Bermuda to work his contract at the NASA Tracking station on the island. One of my loveliest memories was watching the Queen of Bermuda arriving every Monday from NYC through Two Rock Passage on its way to dock in Hamilton. If you can imagine this ocean liner gliding past the picture window it always filled my imaination with thoughts of far away places. I was so lucky to have lived at that time.

  6. jennifer evans says:

    i have a chest of drawers that came off the queen of bermuda and am trying to find photos of inside the cabins it is engraved on one of the drawers with the room number,i had no idea when i bought it that there was so much history with it.

  7. Jamie says:

    I purchased an old fashioned steamer trunk that has a sticker on it dated February 12, 1933 from the Queen of Bermuda.

  8. Eric Macklin says:

    As a 14 year old I remember sailing on the Queen of Bermuda in 1958 from New York to Bermuda with my family having taken the train from Toronto to New York. Fairly uneventful trip but very cozy and the dining was an introduction to the very formal dining at the Belmont Hotel.
    For the return trip we flew back on TransCanada Airlines on a twin engine turbo prop Viscount.
    As I look back now all those years I remember the crew with fond memories.
    Made 8 more trips all by TransCanada later Air Canada.
    During the war my father had flown on one of the beautiful flying boats made by Martin. Bermuda is my second home – learned to play tennis and sail there.

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