EOSEAS – A concept worth thinking about?

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  1. Von says:

    Yes, the main selling point is that it looks so different. I’ve always wanted to see a change in the shape and apperance of cruise ships. The double skin and sails are wonderful ideas.

  2. crociereuk says:

    The design of this ship is great, Its like nothing we have ever seen, the Windstar ships are great have you seen them, Cruise ships with sales, excellent. I would love to see EOSEAS built!

  3. austin says:

    in my opinon i think its kinda retarted…and im not saying this to be mean….i just dont c gowing back to sails…in my tought thos sails cant hold up to evrthing and if thay had to be broght down it would look dum with random rods sticking out…and i dont think the ship itself would be able to witshtand mutch. btw sorry about the spelling fing google chrome is mesed up…grrr fail

  1. 09/07/2011

    […] this could mean LPG and other technologies currently envisioned in concept cruise ship EOSEAS (another previous blog). Like fleetmates Oasis and Allure the ship is expected to use solar […]

  2. 28/07/2011

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  3. 30/07/2011

    […] Our next article, tomorrow, will look at the effect of Cruise Lines on the islands & destinations they visit. Check out our previous articles on Green Cruising & Vikings Hybrid Cruise Ship & The EOSEAS Concept. […]

  4. 15/10/2011

    […] what it takes to build a world-class cruise ship they created the Cruisia concept, just like EOSEAS, it is not expected that this ship will be built, just that it will prove that the ship builders […]

  5. 27/03/2013

    […] It has since grew into a collection of models covering an interesting array of models which cover topics which interest me. I have a Maersk Line Container ship, which is because I spent time working for them a few years back, to the above pictured Golden Odyssey because it is a perfectly formed small cruise ship, to the EOSEAS, the futuristic concept cruise ship from STX (that we covered here). […]

  6. 17/01/2015

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