Fred Olsen Quits Liverpool

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  1. Excellently put. My dad’s from Liverpool. His family worked on the docks. But the whole industry’s changed since then only the council and papers don’t seem to understand that. And I wish they’d drop their Cunard obsession too. Cunard have operated out of Southampton since 1919 so it’s just as much their home and was port of choice for the original Queens. Peel Ports had years to build a proper facility (even revamping Langton Dock to make it more attractive) but haven’t. You have to wonder why. Is it because they know they’ll still get sod all calls so it would lose money as the landing stage has. Every other port in the world uses invested money so Liverpool should do the same, especially in these times when there’s all these cuts. Why should public money pay for something Peel Ports will take the profit from? You only have to see how far Dover, Harwich, Greenock, Greenwich and even Milford Haven have come over the years. These things don’t happen overnight. Fuel prices are up, new regs come into force in 4 years resulting in plans for many ports to be dropped and shorter trips to save fuel. Do they even realise this? Probably not. The landing stage and surrounding area cost exactly the same to build in the end as Ocean Terminal and OT was up and running within a year, built from scratch. If they’re so confident of attracting the trade they should cough up and prove it.

  2. crociereuk says:

    I’m glad you liked it, You’re right Liverpool is falling by the wayside as competitors are growing, However previosuly Liverpool was used by Anzar Line for ferries from Liverpool to the Canary islands, and something similar would be a great addition in my mind, Liners (now cruise ships) need to be back on the river.

    I had a look at your blog is very interesting, and i will be following in the future :D, even if we disagree on the name for the new P&O vessel! Go Team Canberra!

  1. 11/07/2011

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  2. 01/08/2011

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